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7 tips for LGBT job interview

7 Tips For Your Job Interviews

Always on the lookout for the best people to hire, recruiters work with companies to better understand their culture and help them find the ideal candidate. This is seven tips that will maximize your chances of making the best impression.

1. Be prepared. It can never be said enough: everything is in preparation. Take the time to learn about the company and the job beforehand to properly measure your chances of meeting the expectations of the employer.

2. Listen and keep an open mind. Let the recruiter speak, without interrupting. Make sure you have all the information about the job and do not draw your conclusions too hastily.

3. Answer clearly. Several questions from the recruiter that you will be asked to answer will be directly related to the position and your ability to fill it, according to expectations. Answer it as clearly as possible, without superfluous.

4. Show your enthusiasm. Telephone interviews make any demonstration of enthusiasm difficult. Persist. Your level of enthusiasm and openness to new opportunities will surely be assessed and measured.

5. Be alert in your questions. Know how to ask the right questions, those that will tell you about the nature of the job and that will allow you to demonstrate the benefits of your hiring for the employer. Stay focused on the needs and expectations of the employer, rather than yours.

6. Stand out. Tell a memorable story. Do not hesitate to report your best achievement. Showcase your experience Stand out from the other candidates.

7. Respect the process. It can sometimes be tempting to speed up the process, skip a step or get ahead of the others. Resist. Stay flexible in your deadlines and think long term.

These tips will significantly improve your chances of standing out and accessing other stages. Read them often along the way.